Sample Dinner Menu

Menus and prices subject to change.


Marinated Castelvetrano Olives
Estero Gold ~ Toasted Almonds ~ Citrus ~ Lemon Thyme (vg, , gf, v*) .9

Miso Deviled Eggs
Organic White Miso ~ Housemade Crème Fraiche ~ Wasabi Tobiko ~ Serrano (vg, gf) .13

The “Diablo” Version
Just like above, but with extra Serrano & Charred Habaneros .16

House Made Duck Rillettes
Persimmon Chutney ~ Bloomed Mustard Seeds ~ Tiny Mustard Greens ~ Crostini .16

(Seasonal) Selection of Artisan Cheeses with Accoutrements A/Q

Salads, Soup, & Such

Shamrock Goat Cheese ~ Pegasus Farm “Foraged” Greens
Citrus ~ Stella Cadente Lemon Olive Oil ~ Toasted Local Walnuts (vg, gf) .16

Caesar Salad
Local Little Gems ~ Li’l Kale ~ Garlic Crumb ~ Shaved Mezzo Secco (gf*) .13

“Brutus” Salad
Same as above, but with Serrano Chile, Extra Garlic & Anchovies (gf*) .16

Paul’s Arugula ~ Artichoke ~ Mushrooms
White Truffle Vinaigrette ~ Shaved Mezzo Secco (vg, gf) .16

What’s in the Soup Pot
Taste (8 oz.) Meal (16 oz.) A/Q

Bread & Butter
House Made Bread using Mendocino Grain Project Artisan Flours ~ House Made Cultured Butter (vg, v*) .9


Steelhead (Washington)
Alder Smoke ~ Salt Roasted Potatoes ~ Baby Turnips ~ Fiddlehead Ferns Sorrel Cream ~ Smoked Roe (gf) .36

Lamb Osso Bucco (Dixon, CA)
Signal Ridge Shelling Beans ~ Sugar Snap Peas ~ Pea Tendrils ~ Nettle Lovage Puree ~ Lamb Fennel Jus (gf) .36

Pekin Duck Breast (Mendocino Meats, Redwood Valley, CA)
Cauliflower ~ Shitakes ~ Savoy Cabbage ~ Fermented Cabbage Brassica Flowers ~ Black Garlic (gf) .36

Celebration of Vegetables
Beluga Lentils ~ Baby Carrots ~ Brussels ~ Cauliflower ~ Fines Herbs ~ Leek Soubise (v, gf) .32

Mendocino Heritage Pork Dish of the Day (Philo, CA) A/Q


Sizzled Brussels Sprouts
Fried Paul’s Shallots ~ Mezzo Secco ~ Truffle Vinaigrette (vg, gf) .16

Mac ‘n Cheese
Italian Torchio ~ Confit Garlic Bechamel ~ Vella Fontinella (vg) .16

The Fungus Among Us
Forest People Oyster Mushrooms ~ Pegasus Greens ~ Nettle (v, gf) .18

Fresh Caraway Kraut (v, gf) .14

Water is served upon request.
v-vegan/gf-gluten free/vg-vegetarian
*available gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan by request

Parties of five or more are subject to a 20% gratuity minimum.
A 2.50 fee will apply for each split check (limit 2). Please tell your Server before ordering.
Children are to remain seated at ALL times.